Medical Retrieval

medical_patientThe aircraft is equipped with the latest technology and has integrated in-flight connectivity to allow specialist doctors on the ground to remotely monitor the patient during the trip.

As one of the few dedicated medical retrieval aircraft based in Australasia, the InFlight ER aircraft provides the ideal platform to respond to any patient from any location and transport them in comfort with the best care available to the receiving medical facility.

Medical Equipment

The ZOLL X Series monitor/defibrillator with its integrated WiFi connectivity, provides the medical medical_zollcrew with the clinically superior therapeutic capabilities of the ZOLL unit for defibrillation, pacing and CPR, while enabling ground-based medical staff to monitor the patient’s condition.

The size, weight and durability of this high-tech device makes it ideal for use in aeromedical services.

En-route Satellite Communication

satcommsThe aircraft is equipped with a dedicated communications channel, allowing for real-time patient monitoring by medical staff on the ground through the in-house web portal.

The streaming of medical data live from the aircraft allows specialists and doctors at the receiving facility to monitor the patient’s condition during transit and prepare accordingly, speeding up diagnosis and allowing the best possible patient care.

Airborne wireless access to Internet, email and VoIP services streamline both aviation and medical aspects of the operation. A dedicated phone in the cabin facilitates seamless communications between people on the ground and the key crew members in the aircraft.

Dual Spectrum Aeromed 1203 stretchers & no lift loading system

The design incorporates an exclusive no lift loading system beneficial for Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) considerations in addition to reducing equipment wear and tear.

The Aeromed stretchers and no lift loading system provide durable and reliable patient support. This stretcher system is usually limited to a 180lb (81.64kg) load per stretcher but a CASA approved aircraft modification accommodates a marked increase to 500lb (226kg) per stretcher.

medical_panelThe aircraft has a medical oxygen capacity of 11,340 litres, enabling long-range patient care as well as extended time at altitude in the event of an aircraft depressurisation. In addition, the custom interior design caters for dual 110, 240-volt AC and 12-volt DC power points together with dual vacuum and pressure outlets.  Regardless of where the patient is collected from or delivered to, this system ensures compatibility with specialist equipment and allows for continued treatment even if individual components fail.  Four CME Niki T34 Syringe Drivers and 2 Resmed Elisse 350 Ventilators ensure that the aircraft can provide ongoing care for  Intensive Care Patients.


On-board WiFi access enables medical staff to connect their own laptops and tablets to the internet while airborne providing access to the latest medical information.



In flight entertainment

A full in-flight entertainment (IFE) system is available to provide the necessary distraction for patients during long flights. A selection of music and movies can be streamed to add to the patient’s comfort during transit.

Additional payload

storageAn additional 250kg stowage capacity is available for medical crew and additional equipment when transporting one patient. A designated drug stowage compartment offers security and convenience for medical practitioners.